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Documentation Index

The pages below describe various aspects of using, administering and troubleshooting a Pm Wiki installation, as well as aspects of the PmWiki community.

As you can see, the documentation is still incomplete. Feel free to help yourself and others by completing it! Just edit the pages on You might want to follow or contribute to the documentation guidelines.

Table of Contents

Beginner Topics for Creating and Editing Pages

Intermediate Editing Topics

  • Uploads - Allow authors to upload files, also known as page attachments
  • Tables - How to use the original type of table markup
  • Table directives - Newer, more advanced type of table markup
  • WikiStyles - Modify the color and other CSS style attributes of a page's contents
  • Page directives - Specify page titles, descriptions, etc., and display of various components
  • Include other pages - Insert the contents of other pages into a wiki page
  • InterMap links - System for defining links among (usually wiki) sites
  • Conditional markup - Use the (:if:) directive to include or exclude portions of a page
  • Page variables - Variables that can be used in page markup
  • Markup master index - Everything you wanted to know about wiki markup but were afraid to ask
  • Simultaneous edits - Handling multiple attempts to edit a page nearly simultaneously

Organizing and Protecting Pages

Pm Wiki Site Administration

About Pm Wiki

  • Audiences - Describes the "audiences" for which Pm Wiki was designed
  • Contributors - Some contributors to Pm Wiki's development and improvement
  • Mailing lists - The email discussion lists available and their archives
  • PmWikiPhilosophy - Some of the ideas that guide the design and implementation of Pm Wiki
  • Design notes - Some of the features and notes about Pm Wiki's design decisions
  • References - Places where Pm Wiki has been written about
  • Glossary - Descriptions of various terms related to Pm Wiki
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