Innovations in Visualization

Code Submission Guidelines (CPSC 583, Fall 2011)

We need to be able to compile and run your code.

Your submission should be a single, zipped folder containing:

  • Your project folder, properly structured, including all dependencies.
  • Your README file.
  • Your project report.

If you are using Eclipse:

  • Your project name should start with your first name, e.g.joeLifeVisualizer
  • Include your entire project folder from Eclipse as-is, including all of your source code, data, and referenced libraries (this means core.jar, too).
    • You can use Project --> Clean to remove binaries before you submit.
    • We should be able to run your project inside an Eclipse workspace by doing the following:
      • Import --> Existing projects into workspace --> your project folder
      • Right click on main class and select Run as...
  • Double check that your code works in the CPSC lab. Note that that lab is using Java 6.

If you are using Processing:

  • Make sure your submission includes the correctly-named Processing sketch folder (i.e. the one with the same name as your main class) and all folders contained within (e.g. the data folder).

If your data folder is too big to send over email:

  • Submit everything but the data folder via email.
  • Put the entire project, zipped, online and send us a link.

You may want to create an executable for your presentations, especially if you will not be using your own laptop for this.

  • In Eclipse, export to a runnable JAR file. (Right-click on project folder --> Export --> Java --> Runnable JAR file)
  • In Processing, use File --> Export Application