Innovations in Visualization

Open Positions

University of Calgary, Innovations in Visualization Research Group, Interactions Lab

Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale

Post Doctoral Fellowship

PhD Graduate Studentship

Professor Sheelagh Carpendale is seeking bright and energetic researchers focused in information visualization.

While you will primarily work with Sheelagh Carpendale, you will also have many opportunities to interact with other faculty members and students. You will also be encouraged to propose research projects of your own.

Ideal candidates will have a proven track record that demonstrates high-quality independent research. Of particular interest are candidates with interests in collaborative information visualization, social visualization, personal visual analytics, and visualization on large displays.

The position will be located in the Interactions Laboratory, a rich community of students, researchers and faculty that specialize in many aspects of Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization.

Calgary is an active and rapidly growing city situated at the eastern edge of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

For further information contact:
Sheelagh Carpendale,