Innovations in Visualization

The PVA 2014 Workshop at DIS 2014

A Personal Perspective on Visualization and Visual Analytics

Saturday, June 21st, 2014 in Vancouver, BC, Canada


For each and every one of us as individuals, "big data" impinges on our personal lives as well as our professional lives. This includes our social networks, our expanding photo collections, and our intentions to become more green. Application of Visualization and Visual Analytics research to our personal context offers substantial opportunity to help individuals gain insight and knowledge about themselves and their communities, ranging from health and fitness information, to music listening histories, to records of their interactions with others through social media. However, designing tools to support the analysis of data in one’s non-professional life brings a unique set of research and design challenges.

Personal Visualization and Personal Visual Analytics

Personal Visualization (PV) involves the design of interactive visual data representations for use in a personal context. Personal Visual Analytics (PVA) is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by visual representations used within a personal context. Personal context implies a non-professional situation, where people may have different goals, priorities, role expectations, environments, or time and resource budgets than in professional aspects of their lives. PV & PVA aim to empower individuals in their everyday lives to develop insights and discover knowledge relevant to their personal lives.

The Workshop

In this workshop we will identify and explore research directions and design criteria for PVA. Our goal is to call research attention to PVA, to engage the design community in this timely and growing field, and to establish a community and common vision for researchers and practitioners working in this space.

Best papers will be invited to submit to the July/Aug 2015 IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Special Issue on Personal Visualization and Visual Analytics.

Call for Papers

PVA 2014 will focus on identifying and exploring design issues in PVA, with an aim to define research directions and opportunities for this growing field. We solicit position papers describing interesting application areas for Personal Visualization and Visual Analytics, the design of tools for PVA applications, or experiences and opinions on fundamental issues important to the design, development, and success of PVA tools. We welcome papers from both commercial and academic sources; from researchers as well as practitioners.

Submission Guidelines

Submitted position papers will be reviewed by the workshop organizers. Acceptance will be based on relevance to the workshop theme, quality of the work and/or arguments presented, and potential contribution to the workshop. Because we plan to explore the breadth of design issues in PVA, we will aim for diversity in terms of both attendee background and topics of interest so long as they fit within the general workshop theme.

Position papers should be 2-4 pages in CHI Extended Abstract format. Please email your submission to by March 9, 2014.


08:30-09:00 Arrivals
09:00-09:15 Introductory Remarks
09:15-10:30 Session 1: Two-minute Introductions
10:30-11:00 Morning Break
11:00-12:30 Session 2: Breakout Groups - The 3 most important PVA design topics or research directions are?
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Session 3: Assembling Our Research Directions
14:30-15:00 Afternoon Break
15:00-16:30 Session 4: Breakout Groups - Research Directions: Working out the details
16:30-17:00 Session 4: Assembling the Details and Planning Future Collaborations
19:00 Workshop dinner!