Innovations in Visualization

Constructive Visualization

Samuel Huron
Sheelagh Carpendale
Alice Thudt
Anthony Tang?
Mauerer, Michael?


If visualization is to be democratized, we need to provide means for non-experts to create visualizations that allow them to engage directly with datasets. We present constructive visualization a new paradigm for the simple creation of flexible, dynamic visualizations. Constructive visualization is simple—in that the skills required to build and manipulate the visualizations are akin to kindergarten play; it is expressive— in that one can build within the constraints of the chosen envi- ronment, and it also supports dynamics — in that these con- structed visualizations can be rebuilt and adjusted. We de- scribe the conceptual components and processes underlying constructive visualization, and present real-world examples to illustrate the utility of this approach. The constructive visualization approach builds on our inherent understanding and experience with physical building blocks, offering a model that enables non-experts to create entirely novel visualiza- tions, and to engage with datasets in a manner that would not have otherwise been possible.

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Huron, Samuel, Carpendale, Sheelagh, Thudt, Alice, Tang, Anthony and Mauerer, Michael. Constructive Visualization. In In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems. (honorable mention award). (New York, NY, USA), ACM, pages 433-442, 2014. PDF Paper