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Call For Artistic Contributions

In conjunction with the International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging to be held on June 20–22, 2007 in Banff, Alberta, Canada, we invite both artwork and paper submissions from artists using tools, techniques, and theory arising out of developments in Computational Aesthetics.

The overriding goal of the conference will be to facilitate a dialogue between the scientists and engineers who are creating these new tools and the artists and designers who are the end users.

In particular, we are looking for artists and designers using the new tools and theory of computational aesthetics to create new types of objects in areas which are not available through traditional media, and that go beyond mere visualization and technique to create work that functions within the larger contexts of contemporary art and design.

Aesthetics is a recursive realm. Particular aesthetic understandings bind us to particular moments in time and particular modes of representation. The development of new forms and aesthetics are accompanied by changing modes of perception that dictate not only what can be represented, and how it can be represented, but also, reflexively, the aesthetic itself.

According to Nicolas Bourriaud »There is a question we are entitled to ask in front of any aesthetic production: Does this work permit me to enter into dialogue? Could I exist, and how, in the space it defines?«

For this call we are interested in work that uses or questions the recursive relationships between bodies, systems and machines, built through visual and aesthetic means.

Topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • aesthetic and psychical distance
  • identity
  • immersion
  • machine aesthetics
  • public, personal, private, intimate space
  • mystical space
  • memory
  • beauty
  • cultural difference and aesthetics
  • pleasure, emotion, desire
  • suspension of disbelief
  • relational aesthetics
  • gendered space
  • politics of aesthetics


Work that can be exhibited online or shown through video documentation will be considered for the conference exhibit. Please send links, bio, and brief description via email. DVDs should be sent to the addresses below.


We are inviting papers of original, unpublished work of up to 6 pages. The manuscripts must be written in English. For details on the submission guidelines please refer to the paper submission page.

Please send submissions with links and a brief bio, to BOTH CAe 2007 Arts Program Co-Chairs:

Alan Dunning
Media Arts & Digital Technologies
Alberta College of Art & Design
1407 14th Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2N 4R3
einsteins-brain-project (at) shaw (dot) ca


Raquel Paricio
Media Arts & Evolvable Technologies
Technical University of Catalunya
C/ Ali- Bey 12, 1–2
08010 Barcelona, Spain
info (at) evolvable (dot) net
raquel (at) clonclon (dot) com

Download this call for contributions as a TXT file or a PDF file.

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