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Early Registration Fees

(until May 14, 2007)

EG Members $390
Non-EG Members $540
Full-time Student, EG Member $230
Full-time Student, Non-EG Member $310

Late Registration Fees

(May 15–June 10, 2007)

EG Members $540
Non-EG Members $690
Full-time Student, EG Member $380
Full-time Student, Non-EG Member $460

Onsite Registration Fees

EG Members $740
Non-EG Members $890
Full-time Student, EG Member $580
Full-time Student, Non-EG Member $660

All amounts are in Canadian Dollars. For up-to-date exchange rates see, for example, here.

Registration Process

There are 3 steps you must do in order to secure your attendance at CAe 2007:


Click on this link to e-mail Robin Arseneault ( with your name, mailing address and contact details.


Download the CAe Registration Form. Fill this in and fax it to: +1-403-284-4707.


Download the Banff Centre's Accommodation and Food Registration Form to arrange for your meals and accommodation. Fill this in and also fax it to: +1-403-284-4707.

Please complete the boxes highlighted in red (which will not print) and sign twice where indicated by a red X. For additional help completing the form, contact the Banff Centre's Office of the Registrar: +1-403-762-6180.

The Banff Centre is a globally respected arts, cultural, and educational institution and conference facility. As a non-degree granting, public post-secondary institution you will be asked to provide a student number. Information on obtaining the number is available on the form. Costs associated with the conference are as follows: $31.00 processing fee, $75.00/night for accommodation and $21.20/day for a flex meal plan. Participants are required to give one week's notice to cancel accommodation. If you cancel accommodation during the course of the conference, you are required to pay all outstanding room and board charges including the notice period.

Two people can share a room, meaning a bed also. The second person will be charged only $10.00/night. Both people need to mark this in the accommodations section of the form to avoid confusion and to indicate that both people consent to being in the same room. Having guests stay in a room will similarly be covered by a $10.00/night per person charge; this can be arranged upon arrival, through the Front Desk.

All fees are to be paid as indicated on your statement of account. This will be sent via email upon registration. Payment may be made by phone (have your credit card ready), Canadian cheque, or international money order. The Banff Centre reserves the right to cancel your acceptance if fees are not fully paid by the due date. Contact the Office of the Registrar at the above telephone number if you are unable to meet the deadline that is indicated on the statement of account. Please see the Banff Centre's Participant Handbook for answers to frequently asked questions:

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