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Air travel: Fly into Calgary International Airport (YYC).

From the airport to Banff: There are two possible ways of traveling to Banff from the airport in Calgary.

  1. Car rentals from the Calgary International Airport:
    At the airport:
    Off the airport (shuttle pick-up in bus bay #21):
    Directions from the airport to Banff.
    1. From the airport follow the natural flow of the traffic on Barlow Trail first towards the East for about 300 meters then the road turns south.
    2. Follow Barlow Trail South for about 8 km, then turn right on a ramp onto 16 Ave N.E. going west (this is the Trans-Canada Highway). Note that when you enter 16 Ave N.E. there are three lanes of traffic. The right-hand lane ends after about 3 km.
    3. Follow 16 Ave N.E. through the city. The distance from the junction of Barlow Trail and 16 Ave N.E. to the edge of the city is about 20 km. There are no turns.
    4. Continue for about 120 km until you see the signs for Banff.
  2. Use one of a number of transportation companies that provide service from Calgary Airport to Banff. The return fare is generally around $95 (Canadian) and the schedules are given on the individual pages. Note that some of the companies require advance booking.
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