Innovations in Visualization

Information Sharing

Charlotte Tang
Sheelagh Carpendale

Information Sharing via Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards can be seen almost everywhere, e.g., schools, community centers, supermarkets, library, private clubs and hospitals. These displays may be situated in public venues like hallways, in private offices, or semi-privately in designated locations only accessible to a small group of people. They vary in sizes, ranging from a small surface placed inside a compact personal space (e.g. Figure 1a) to a large wall display like the one shown in Figure 1b. Some allow interactions (Figure 2a) while others are solely for unidirectional communication (Figure 2b). These are a few examples of attributes of the bulletin boards that we will investigate in this project.

Although large-scale display technologies are becoming more prevalent, most of these displays are designed and used for one-to-many broadcasting purposes rather than for interactive information sharing. Therefore the goal of this project is to investigate a variety of bulletin boards and to inform the design of an effective information sharing system.







This work is supported by Alberta Ingenuity Fund, iCore, and NSERC.