Innovations in Visualization

Symmetric Patterns

Katayoon Etemad

Animated Persian Floral Patterns


In this paper we describe Persian floral patterns and explore techniques for animating them. We present several approaches for this dynamic recreation: visualizing pattern symmetries, illustrating their design process, and simulating plant growth. For creating a pleasant illusion of a never-ending movie, we also explore an infinitely cycling effect for self-similar patterns. The construction of animating patterns is started by interactive modeling of plant elements using NURBS. We then use procedural techniques to control the animation.


Katayoon Etemad
Sheelagh Carpendale


Transition, an interactive gallery installation, investigates the notion of developing new art work that promotes a contemplative state. To this end we have blended new and traditional media. Transition has four primary elements: a reflecting pool containing a submerged Muqarnas (a sculpted form of ancient Persian architecture); projected animated Persian floral patterns; spoken poetry audio; and passive interaction. To fully view Transition as an installation is entirely dependent on the audience’s stillness. Considering art and science as mutually beneficial modes of inquiry, this paper details the development of the installation, its history, cultural and theoretical underpinnings, and documents how individuals and groups respond to an interaction requirement in the viewing of an artwork


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